Who We Are

Shongololo is a sourcing and fabrication consultancy built for creators of 3D projects, objects, and experiences. Our practice is based in Brooklyn, New York.

We Are: dual citizens of the design and manufacturing worlds

We Are: bridge builders between ideas of the creative sector and the production resources to realize them

We Are: enablers of experimentation and exploration in three dimensions

We Are: guides for navigating the sourcing and production process

Our Mission

Simplify and demystify how 3D design and fine arts projects are planned, sourced, managed, and executed.

Our Founder

Ross Keong founded Shongololo in 2019 after a career straddling design, manufacturing, and commerce. During time at Shapeways and 3D Hubs (industry leaders in digital fabrication), Keong previously consulted Fortune 100 CPG companies, fashion houses, and engineering firms in selection and implementation of new materials and digital manufacturing approaches. Past clients include: Joe Doucet, Google X, P&G Innovation, Disney, Ogilvy,
Architecture Van Brandenburg, Calvin Klein, The 14th Factory, and Nikhef (Dutch National Institute for Subatomic Physics).

Keong is also the Founder/Creative Director of
FATES new york, a gender-free jewelry brand. Since 2019, he has served as a Mentor at The New Museum's NEW INC, the world's first museum-led incubator for art, technology, and design. He is currently Culture Corps' Project Manager for JFK New Terminal One. Culture Corps serves as Lead Curator on the project, directing and facilitating an expansive, multi-site public art program.  

Our Collaborators

We connect top-tier fine artists and designers with the right 3D designers, technologies, materials, and fabricators to execute complex, creative projects - physical, digital, or an intersection of both.